6 Lipsticks We Are Loving for Fall

    As summer comes to an end, it's almost time to bid farewell to our neon lipsticks. Although parting with these vibrant hues might leave you feeling like there's a lipstick-shaped hole in your heart, let us give you some peace of mind. With the fall season comes fresh opportunities to let your pout stand out in bold new ways. From dark purples to classic reds, there's a plethora of color at your fingertips just waiting to be applied. Still clutching that peach lipstick? See if that grip doesn't … [Read more...]


    What Kind of Layers Are Right for Your Hair Type and Face Shape?

    Most women walk into a salon and tell their stylist to give their locks a trim, keep the layers long and the length in tact. There's no denying this is the safe way to go about getting a haircut. And while this prevents you from getting a bad haircut, it also prevents you from getting a good one. No two people are the same and no two haircuts should be the same. Haircuts and layers should always complement your face shape. Take a look at our tips for the best cuts for your mug's shape! Oval An … [Read more...]